A Time of Opportunity

The speculation and loose lending that lead to the collapse of Real Estate prices in recent years is now presenting investors with a unique opportunity to invest in Real Estate at values that are far below their true value today. The FDIC, mortgage companies, banks and other lenders are liquidating properties at a fraction of their true value today, simply to move assets off their balance sheet and to enhance their liquidity in response to demands from their investors or stock holders.


How Do You Profit?

Through a vast network of brokers, banks and other associates we are constantly finding new and exciting investment opportunities at a fraction of their current value. By matching specific properties with individual investors we are able to provide the investor with the returns they are looking for with very minimal risk.


A Wealth of Experience

Onyx Investment Services has been buying, selling, developing, and managing commercial and residential properties for over 40 years! The investment team has over 60 years of combined experience!



We pride ourselves on giving each investor individual attention while helping them to achieve their investment objectives.

Above Average Returns

Below Average Risks

Real Estate values in today's market represent the best buying opportunity since the depression.

We are An Investment Company. We own the property we sell.

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